Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thailand 2011

Most of you probably know by now that Helen and I recently had the opportunity to go on a work trip/mini-vacation to Thailand. The company I work for - Tahitian Noni International - had an event in Thailand and I was fortunate enough to be able to go and help put it on. Since the company was paying my way, we decided to save up and pay for Helen to be able to go, too. We flew in a few days before the event and then stayed for a few days after.
All in all, it was an incredible trip. We had an amazing time. My dad, or Papa George, was kind enough to come and stay with the children for the 10 days or so that we were gone.
Obviously we have tons and tons of photos from this trip and we wanted to share them with everyone. But instead of going through photo by photo and trying to decide which ones to put up, we decided to put together a short video about our first trip abroad. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm from the LOU and I'm proud!

Fun time in St. Louis this past March! (I know it's taken awhile) We had such a great time with all of our family and friends! Wish we were closer! Someday. Love you all in the LOU!

Where has the time gone

Pictures of the last five months!

We had stake conference, which meant no nursery class for Charlotte. So in order for us to get her home we said she could have nursery at home. So cute, Huh?

It snowed again which meant we could build more snow men! Charlotte is really into families(grouping things together) right now. So of course we had to make a family.

This is what brothers are for, right?
Scott got a new position at Tahitian Noni as the Global Recognition Manager! One of the perks is that he gets to travel. Poor thing, had to go a cruise!

We missed him, but we had your own fun! This is one reason why I had children...
to play dress up!

I was released from Young Women's Program this March. I've missed seeing the girl's every week, hearing their funny stories and working with amazing women.
Scott taught a painting class with the Beehive class. We had a great time!

Scott and I at the Jazz vs. Celtic game! It was a great game. The jazz lost, but I really wasn't surprised. I was amazed of how many Celtic fans were there. I had to asked Scott a couple of times if we were in Boston.

We also went to the Jazz Vs. Suns game and awesome seats (perks of Scott's job). We were so close to the Sun's bench, which was great, because Raja Bell or "my boyfriend" (that's what Scott calls him) was playing. I think he’s really a good lookin' man. It was such a blast! We were on the Jumbotron, Twice!

Monday, February 28, 2011


It is so much fun to have an almost three year old in the home. It is such a fun age, and stage. The things that she says and does make us laugh everyday!
To cute! Everywhere!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas with kids!

We spent Christmas at our home this year. The last statement usually means I'm sad all day, due to the fact that I'm not in St. Louis with my family, but this year was completely different. The Christmas season was filled with joy and excitement from my little girl Charlotte. It was so fun watching her enjoying the holiday. Watching her open gifts and her excitement giving her brother his gift that she picked out. Opening presents took even longer this year, because Charlotte wanted to play with every present before she could open the next one.
Merry Christmas!
Christmas morning at the Fuhriman Home!

The Doctor is in!

The red clock that Scott and Charlotte looked all over town for to give to George. That's what she wanted to give her five month little brother.
Scott got tickets to see the Utah Jazz play Boston Celtics. Awesome!
George's quilt that I made for him. It's made from Scott's, my dad, Scott's dad, and my Pop's dress shirts.