Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas with kids!

We spent Christmas at our home this year. The last statement usually means I'm sad all day, due to the fact that I'm not in St. Louis with my family, but this year was completely different. The Christmas season was filled with joy and excitement from my little girl Charlotte. It was so fun watching her enjoying the holiday. Watching her open gifts and her excitement giving her brother his gift that she picked out. Opening presents took even longer this year, because Charlotte wanted to play with every present before she could open the next one.
Merry Christmas!
Christmas morning at the Fuhriman Home!

The Doctor is in!

The red clock that Scott and Charlotte looked all over town for to give to George. That's what she wanted to give her five month little brother.
Scott got tickets to see the Utah Jazz play Boston Celtics. Awesome!
George's quilt that I made for him. It's made from Scott's, my dad, Scott's dad, and my Pop's dress shirts.


Unknown said...

I went crazy with the comments on FB. I love the pic of Charlotte looking up from the kitchen. I need that on my fridge. The quilt is history. I love it.

Unknown said...

George is so cute! Those blue eyes and sweet face. Must kiss him soon! I love Scott's face with his ticket present. GO CELTICS!

Jess said...

You are amazing. I LOVE the quilt. I wish we were closer so we could "craft" together! My neice got that same kitchen set for Christmas-very cute! Your little ones are darling!-miss you!

KimL said...

what a fun Christmas! I love that last picture of George. So sweet!

The McCauls said...

Your kids are sooooo cute!!! I am a little concerned about the Christmas tree, I think it can use some barbies and other random things found around the house ;)