Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surprise...Christmas in St. Louis!

Yup that's right, my wonderful husband surprised me with a trip to STL for Christmas. Not only was it a surprise for me, we were able to surprise our families as well. The looks on our parent's faces, were priceless! Lot's of pictures, so get ready.

 We got to see our dear friends the Holmes, who live in New Hampshire. We chaperoned the youth dance together. More like we danced with all of the teens, and had a great time.

Our cute girls played together too!

We were able to see a few friends while we were there, but not as many as would have like to. They're always so many faces we want to see, but never enough time. There's always next time, right?
I hope everyone's Christmas was merry and bright as we turned our thoughts and actions to our Savior. Merry Christmas...a month late.
P.S. If you were wondering where your Christmas card is? It's still on our computer. We didn't get very far with it this past year. So this year you'll get two cards.  haha

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Photos!

I loved how our family photos turned out this year! Thanks Kristina! Here are some of our favorites...