Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charlotte's routine

  • Eat dinner
  • Pour milk on head
  • Rub gross hands in hair (who needs napkins)

  • Be embarrassed that her dad is taking pictures of her naked
  • Be really cute

  • Put robe on so her mom can take pictures
  • Get bottle
  • Get ready for bed
  • Have another idea
A little basketball anyone!

Welcome to Guatemala!

Last Tuesday the youth from our ward were sent on "missions", and two lovely young ladies were sent to Guatemala aka our home. They shared a message with us and then we ate tostadas. We set out a little display of things from Guatemala that Scott collect while there on his mission. It was a great experience and the girls did a great job.

Charlotte got really into it!

My Little MONKEY!

The other day Scott and I were trying to get a glass out of the drain when we turned around to see...
She wants to help already with dishes.

This will help me keep the counters cleared off...well maybe help motivate!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing Catch-up!

So it's been a month since we've posted anything, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. So I'm finally taking the time to share with all of you what's be going on in our neck of the woods. (This is a long one.)

Yes that's right, we got snow right after Easter. I'm sure you're all thinking, "you do live in Utah", yeah-but when you were wearing flip-flops the day before it's a little frustrating. But I do have to say it was the most beautiful snow we have had all year!

No BBQ for awhile!

Oh Deer!
So on Sunday (April 19th), Charlotte and I were going to go enjoy the beautiful Sabbath day by laying out in the yard. We looked out the window and what did we see...four little deer looking back at us.

They all took turns jumping over the fence! What good manners!
After Bambi's family left Charlotte kept looking around to see where they had gone. "eheh?" So sorry baby your friends have ticks!

Play dough creations!

Charlotte did very well with the play dough. She only licked it a couple of times.

Dominic and I made Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall.

He had a great fall!
Which reminds me...we checked out a really funny book from the library the other day called, "Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again" by Dave Horowitz. It's an Eggcellent book!

Fuhrimans in the Lime Light!
Since January, Scott and I have been going to practices for a stake Broadway production, "Celebrating the Human Spirit". Scott was in two numbers, Tradition - Fiddler on the Roof and One Day More - Les Miserables. He did such an awesome job. I was a go-go dancer in Go Go Go Joseph - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat. It was such a great exprience to be a part of and we met some really great people too.

Scott in his stage makeup. (I know he looks good even in makeup.)

(I don't mean to brag, but I totally made my pants. I know you want a pair.)

Party at Charlotte's Crib!
We had our little friend Ellie over the other day and the girls just had a blast together.

Charlotte has been climbing on everything and she got herself on the chair in her room. (a little help from me turning her around) She was so proud of herself.

Ellie wanted a turn too! Charlotte didn't like that idea!

Dominic on the other hand was wondering when I was going to watch another boy! The whole day he was saying,"Umm they're bugging me!" Poor guy doesn't realize that stuff never ends.

Mother's Day!
All I can say is that I'm one lucky lady. I feel so blessed to have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband who love me even when...I yell, don't do the dishes, shrink clothes, experiment with different dinners, stay in my pj's until 2pm, and make them watch What Not to Wear.

Art Ball!
The 43rd annual Springville Art Ball was this past weekend. I was at the hardware store when I called Scott and told him that I wanted to go. An hour later I got a dress from our cousin Joanna and picked up the tickets. After Charlotte's two hour nap (Scott and I watched Marly and Me...sad.)Scott, babe, and I were headed to the store to get Scott a new suit. Two hours later we had a tailored suit (that fit in our budget)and traffic. We got home with an hour to get ready.

We went with our neighbors/friends the Skinners and Singletons. Food, art and dancing we had a ball!

                                                           Like our "prom" pictures.