Friday, May 21, 2010

St. Louis Sweet St. Louis!

Our time spent in St. Louis was bitter sweet, but much more sweet than bitter.
Sweet....Family pictures!
Sweet...time with Nana and Papa!

(How cute is this kid?)
Bitter...Scott only being able to stay a couple of days! Also that he had to drive back alone. Poor guy!
Sweet...gardening with Pop!

Sweet...going to a party with Ellen and having so much fun blowing "flowers"!

Sweet...going to Ted Drew's when ever my pregnant self wanted to!!!! Yeah EIGHT times, while I was there! I could really go for a blueberry concrete right now!
Bitter...the crazy storms in St. Louis!
Sweet...riding out the storm with Grandma Jan in her bathroom!
Sweet...St.Louis Cardinals! My first time at the new stadium! Awesome seats, care of my awesome brother Jeremy! three dates for the night! cute dad!Bitter...not having Scott with me!
Sweet...going to the Zoo with the grandpas!

Bitter...remembering why I was in St. Louis.
Sweet...going to Auntie Cate's Dance Recital!

Sweet...going to Stake n' Shake afterwards! (Went there a couple of times too!)

Sweet...watching my nephew play tee ball! Which I might have to blog about sepretly, because it was one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile.

Sweet...being silly with Meme!

Sweet...hanging out with my sisters!

Sweet...taking Charlotte to the Science Center!

Bitter....Charlotte being deathly afraid of the dinosaurs! mom and sister's threw a shower for me. The decorations were so cute! mom's strawberry dip!

Sweet...spending time with family.

Bitter...saying, "good bye"!
Sweet...coming home to Scott!