Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Boy

Charlotte wore this sleeper at 3 months. Not George, 6 weeks was all he needed.

This was the last Sunday for both of their outfits. Charlotte dress looked like she was from the Brady Bunch and George's little suit almost didn't button. Both outfits I'm sad to put away!

The Zuga Fairy

She came and took the zugas to little babies all over the world. She called us and told us that babies in China, Germany, New York and St. Louis are happy now because Charlotte gave her Zugas away.

Last picture of zuga time with baby brother.

Charlotte has only used her zugas in bed for the last couple of months and has been really good about it. I've been putting off calling the Zuga Fairy for while, maybe because I wasn't ready. But it was time, so I gave her a call and she came that night. The whole day we talked about how she was coming that night and how she was going to give them to little babies. Charlotte was so excited. She picked out a bag to put them in and put them on the front door. Then we did our little nightly routine and tucked her in and said good night. As we turn to leave she said, "I need my luga." (she calls it a luga) Tears were shed, but we made it through the night. (Just Charlotte, but I was close.) In the morning Charlotte found a new dress for her Barbie! The whole day she told everyone that she got a new barbie AND dress. Doesn't she know the Zuga Fairy is cheap. Charlotte is doing really well and only asks every once in awhile for her "luga". We are so proud of our big girl.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Month!

What we have learned about George in one month...
He can grunt his alphabet.
He loves to take baths.
He has chicken legs.
He loves to snuggle.
He doesn't like to sleep in his bed.
He likes to tickle Charlotte. Or at least when he touches her she thinks he's tickling her.
He is off the charts in length.
He makes the goofiest faces.
He makes us so happy.

What we have learned about having two kids this past month...
It's a lot harder to go any where.
It takes us forever to get out of the house.
We are changing diapers, constantly.
Scott and I feel even older than before.
That we love having family time.
Our kids make us love each other even more.