Sunday, June 28, 2009

June in a nut shell

June started off with Girl's Camp (see post below). My mom and my sister Cate stayed other week visiting, which was a lot of fun. While they we here Scott and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Boy, has timed flown by!
and now... We spent our anniversary up in Salt Lake. It was nice to spend time together just the two of us.

Art City Days
If you didn't know we live in Springville, aka "Art City"!  There's a parade, carnival, and many other activities to enjoy with the family. 

The leftover of our funnel cake...yummy! 
Scott and the babe standing in line for the carousel. 
Cute bad I look like a hot dog in it.

We went to the concert in the park, which was a lot fun watching the families jam out. It was interrupted by the rain. We were not prepared for the down pour, so we got drenched. We then came home to dried off and watched the fireworks from our driveway. Over all a great time with our little family.

Father's Day
 Charlotte just thinks her daddy is the funniest person around. When she wakes up on Saturday mornings she is so excited to see her daddy still in bed. She loves to wake him up with a big kiss, which then typically is followed by sitting on his head.  She just laughs, and of course we do too!
For father's day at our church we have a tradition of the kids making ties for their dads. Well I didn't want Scott to be left out, so...
Charlotte made one for Scott too (with a little help for her mom). 

 I'm so grateful to have a husband who loves me and our sweet Charlotte. Scott is such a great dad and a fab husband!

A Shower for Candis
Our young women's president Candis Roberts was having a baby, and moving all in the same week. Her move was not expected to be as fast as it was so we had to step it up on our gift.  Our young women's group in one day made a values quilt to give to Candis and her new baby. They all came over to my house and sewed their little hearts out. We had a lot fun and made some great memories together. The next day was the shower and everyone came together to make a great time for all.  

It was good to see Candis and wish her well. We will miss her tremendously. She is one of my favorite people, and she make any situation a lot more enjoyable. I'll miss stopping by her house to catch up and our may afternoons at the park.

Charlotte and her friend Maya

The 28th isn't that some bodies birthday?
We ended the month of with Scott's birthday, which was not as eventful as hoped it would be. (I'm trying to recall what we did and I'm drawing a blank. Which is funny, because I started this post on the 28th.) I really dropped the ball! I love you, honey! Thanks Mama Pat for bringing Rafael Scott in to this world twenty-six years ago. He's a keeper!

Well let's see how the next moth goes...see ya soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girl's Camp 2009!

The first week of June I had the opportunity to go to Girl's camp. I had such a great time with the girls from my ward and also my youngest sister Cate. "Oh, the place you'll go!" was the theme for our time at Heber Valley. The first night, the general young women's president Sister Dalton came to unfurl the virtue flag and talk to the young women about the importance of being a young woman of virtue.   It was such a great experience to be apart of, with over 2,000 young women waving there gold ribbons. Over the course of the week we went hiking, ropes course, to the lake, and did many other great girl's camp traditions. It was a blast! I can't wait for next year!

As you can see we all had a great time!