Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This past month I was able to see some of my friends from college. I hadn't seen Lori and Vanessa since 2004! We got together for dinner: Us three, two of Lori's three kids, Vanessa's two kids, Charlotte, and my sweet husband.  It was wonderful seeing them, but next time I think we'll leave the kids at home.

Charlotte and Annie
Yesterday our friends Aiden and Annie came over so their mom could run some errands. Aiden was pleased that I had some boy toys, but was disappointed when Duck Hunt wouldn't work. Annie and Charlotte got along for the most part. Three words: Charlotte doesn't share! But they did pose for some cute pictures!

Say "cheeeeese"!

They are just so cute!

They are talking...well texting! They look like all of the teenagers in my life!

Aiden was such a good sport!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Where I Spend my Tuesday nights...

is with these great ladies! It's such a great pleasure to work with women who inspire you!

On the Tenth of this month, we had our end of the year event called Young Women in Excellence! The girls showed all things they have achieved this past year. I was really impressed by all of the activities they  are involved in and different projects they've  accomplished. Way to go girls!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

She makes me smile!

Charlotte loves towels! There will be times where she just walking around with a wash cloth on her head. Not only are they for her head, but they are perfect size for her babies. She is such a good mama to her babies. She rocks, feeds and kisses them everyday!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Things we do!

We do many things that keep us busy.... or I just have pictures that I'd like to show off!

We Dance...

we sing..

we love our new cousin...

we slide down big inflatable slides...

we dress up like pioneers...

or we dress up like buritos...bu
we wake up really early and give water to runners...

we make a cake in the shape of an eight and then forget to take a picture,  so then we make people put the pieces back in so we can...

we eat fiber cookies to keep us regular...

we do puzzles together and never finish them(the white was really tough)...
and we love you all too!

That one is going to leave a mark!

So August 21st was a normal day at the Fuhriman home. Charlotte had just woken up from her nap and was ready for lunch. So like a good mother I made some lunch for the little hungry babe. Charlotte was standing right next to me looking like a seagull at the beach begging for food. Just then I heard a loud noise, a large mug came flying out of the cabinet, fell on the counter, broke off the handle, and the rest of mug flew into my sweet baby's face! I had no time to react! I looked at my sweet baby, she had a large gash just under her eye. She was crying and I freaked out. My beautiful perfect baby with a bloody gash in her face! I ran outside with her in my arms to see if any of my neighbors were home...no one! I called Scott, no answer! I finally got a hold of Dominic's mom, Wendy! (Did I mention that Dominic was at my house watching me freak out). Wendy arrived, took at a looked at the gash, helped me clean it out and then we went to my doctor's office around the corner. This whole time Charlotte was such a trooper. She only cried when she saw me crying. Scott finally came to the doctors to find me a mess and Charlotte dancing in the waiting room. He thought it was a joke until she turned around...no joke! This a picture of her in our room!

That was one of the last smiles. We consulted with doctor and a plastic surgeon and came to the conclusion that liquid stitches would be the best for her. My main concern was the scar, but the doctor reassured me that it would be small.  We took her to the back room. I held her, Scott held her head, and the nurse and doctor put our little sweeties face back together. Charlotte scream was heart breaking. I never want to see or hear my child in pain like that again. For the rest of the day I just teared up every time I saw her little face.  
It's been awhile since the day of trauma, and Charlotte's face in healing nicely.  (I'm doing better too!)

Afterwards we went shopping, we all needed a pick me up!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slip n' Sit!

We got out the slip n' slide, but Charlotte just sat.

She did like the little pool!

Dominic came back this week...Oh how we missed him!

Monday, August 17, 2009


My sweet little girl is growing so fast. She amazes me everyday! We were reading Friday night and she pointed to the picture and said,"ELMO". She is always making us laugh and keeping us very busy. Last night she was trying to climb our coffee table. Ahhh! I feel so proud when she folds her arms when we say our prayers. I love when I find her in her room reading books or just playing with her babies. I'm in love! I wanted to share with you all some pictures of our Charlotte that make us smile!