Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cool pregnancy countdown widget...

So it seems like all of Helen's friends are pregnant and most of them have a cool little widget that counts down how many days they have left. I know it seems kind of silly this late in the game, since there are only a few days left, but I thought it was cool.

It's a whale! No it's me!

Easter Day! 39 weeks prego!

Showered with Love!!

My good friends Melissa, Julie, and sister in-law Darci threw a baby shower for me at the beginning of this month. They did an amazing job making the day very special.

All of the guests decorated onesies for the babe!

They even included my mom by framing my mom's favorite stories and pictures of me as a child. It was a really cute touch.

Thanks to all my friends that came to show their love and support for me and the little lady!

Baby invasion!

The baby isn't even here yet, but our home looks like a babies'r us!

Scott putting the stroller together!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A packaged blessing

As you know, I'm having a baby, which means my body has been changing over the past few months. The other day I was feeling a little large. None of my clothes were fitting. I felt like I've been wearing the same things for months. Scott agreed I should get some new threads, but I felt silly spending money on something I only going use for one more month. This morning the door bell rang. In my pink pjs and morning hair I reluctantly open the door to see the UPS man (whom I know, from work). He was holding a large package with my name on it. After a minute of small talk, I closed the door and eagerly open the package. Low and behold: there were clothes, clothes and more clothes. I got all misty and looked for a name to thank. There it was, in black ink...Melanie Fuhriman. What a great sister! So here is to Mel who has made my day! Thanks for thinking of me, my widening hips, and my busting bust.
Love you!