Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess What?

Yup, child number two will be making it's debut in August 2010! 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dinner and Dancing? Well at least I'm with you!

We just got home from our Valentine dinner, and I wanted to say I married the right guy. Some of our friends invited us out with them to this dinner and dancing event up in the canyon. I was really excited for a nice evening out with friends and my sweetheart. Well it turned out to be totally not what we expected, but we still were able to have great time.  We laughed at dinner, more then we ate. My cute husband asked me to dance with him, even though we were the only ones out on the dance floor.  I think we laughed the whole way home.
Thanks Scott, for always (well most of the time) being a good sport. For working so hard at school and at work. Thanks for making me laugh at myself and just at life. For helping me with any art project I get myself into, which has been a lot lately. Thanks for dancing with me!! Thanks for continuing to love me even if the house is in disarray! I am so honored to be your best friend and your wife.
I love you, Rafael!

Friday, February 5, 2010


This morning I'm finally taking down the rest of Christmas stuff. Yeah I know! My friend called me this morning as I went outside to take down the garland from our porch. I came in put down the phone and called for Charlotte to see what she was up to. No answer! I went into here room and called again, no answer! I went into my room and called for her, no answer! For about a minute I was running into each room and calling her name, and no answer! By this time I'm screaming her name! I go outside, thinking maybe she came out when I was on the phone! No Charlotte! Ahhhh! I run back into the house start screaming Charlotte's name, NO ANSWER! I run outside again and see my neighbor and say, "I can't find CHARLOTTE!" I run back in my house and my neighbor is behind me yelling her name too! When all of a sudden I hear a small voice say,"mom?" I see Charlotte's little face hiding behind the door in my closet. My neighbor saw that we were ok and left me to my emotions. As I held and gave her a big hug the panic left my body.  I talked to Charlotte about how she scared me when she didn't answer me. She hugged me and patted my back. Now that this little scare is over I can only imagine what Charlotte was thinking as she was sitting there in the closet. "There's no way I'm coming out here while she's yelling at me. I just wanted to play hide n'seek!"
I feel a little silly, but justified at the same time. Of course my house was crazy, as my neighbor is trying to help me find my child.  For a spilt second I was so embarrassed, but life goes on.  I'm just glad that Charlotte is okay!
(p.s. she is so grounded when she is ten!)