Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Late Thanksgiving

We're a few weeks late, but we wanted to share with everyone some of the things we're particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving.

-We're thankful for dear friends that invited us to spend the holiday with them in San Francisco.

-We're thankful for terrible weather which forced us to take a longer, more scenic route.
-We're thankful that we could go see all of the fishies at the Monteray Bay Aquarium.

-We're thankful that Charlotte has a fun little friend and that they love to share...everything.
-We're thankful that Charlotte threw up her entire Thangsgiving dinner giving us an opportunity to see it again and be reminded of how delicious it was going down the first time.
-We're thankful for a car that breaks down in the middle of the road, giving George and his Dad a fun opportunity to do something really manly: push a car across an intersection and a lane of traffic into a Walgreens parking lot.
-We're thankful for AAA for towing our car to a garage for free.
-We're thankful for our friends' parents who graciously agree to let us stay in their home for an extra 2 days.
-We're thankful for Chevy's wisdom in creating very inexpensive parts that cannot be purchased seperately from other really expensive parts, forcing us to pay hundreds of dollars even though the part that was broken only cost around $3.
-We're also thankful for Chevy for not having those parts available anywhere between California and Michigan which meant we would get to extend our vacation even more while we waited for them to ship!
-We're thankful for our friends' parents who graciously agreed to let us stay in their home for another 3 days more.
-We're thankful for my boss and school teacher who are patient and understanding.
-We're thankful that Charlotte started feeling better after 36 hours of throwing up.
-We're thankful that with the 3 extra days we were finally able to actually have a good time with our friends.
-We're thankful that we got to go see the ocean and play on the beach.
-We're thankful that we got to go see the redwood trees.
-We're thankful that we got to go see the migrating monarch butterflies.
-We're thankful that we got to go see the lights of San Franciso.
-We're thankful that when we picked up the car, the garage was kind enough to knock $30 off the total - that's a 2% savings!
-We're thankful that we could finally drive home safely with our extraordinarily well behaved children. (Seriously, our kids are the best traveling kids in the world. They slept almost the whole time!)
-And most of all, we're thankful for our dear friends, our friends' parents, and our parents for helping us and supporting us through it all.
-We're thankful that somehow this honestly turned out to be one of the most memorable and enjoyable Thanksgivings we've ever had.