Friday, February 22, 2008

Lookn' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Scott and I went to a wedding and there was dancing. I couldn't past up the opportunity to "shake what my mama gave me". It was great, but the next day I was feeling the pain. Note: Don't drop it like it's hot when your eight months pregnant!

Weekend getaway!

So awhile back I decided that Scott and I should go away for the weekend. What better place to go than Manti, Utah! We stayed at the Manti House, which I have wanted to stay at since I went to college down there. So we packed up the car and drove down to my old stomping grounds.

We stayed in the Brigham Young suite...kinda cheesy, huh?

Me, enjoying the view!

Scott opening up the Martinlli' time!

An afternoon nap...he slept so much on the trip.

A REAL view from our window!

We had a wonderful time and recommend the trip to anyone.