Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Everyday is an Adventure!

For the last two months I have been watching a four year old little boy named Dominic. He is Scott's cousin, Wendy's little boy. He is a funny kid and he is definitely teaching us some lessons on little boys. First, they are so busy. Second, everything can be changed into a super power of some sort. Third, if there is dirt around they will play in it. We love having him and Charlotte thinks he is just hysterical. Her first belly laugh was at lunch, when she was just watching him eat his lunch. (Which can be quite entertaining.)

Here are some of our adventures:
Laundry BoY and sidekick Baby Shorts! Doing the laundry is always fun when they come to help!

While we waited for the laundry to be done Laundry BoY got a cape, gloves, and "belt" (don't look to close at the belt- remember I don't have boy costumes)

I was pretty proud of what I came up with-Scott said we were playing dress up and that's when Dominic said he was done. Thanks Scott!

Good Morning Beautiful
Dominic comes at 7:30 in the we take advantage of PBS kids. This morning I fell asleep on the couch after Curious George. I heard Scott with Super WHY! in the background and I knew I was good for a little bit longer. That's when I felt someone playing with my hair and giggling. Dominic kept coming back and adding to his master piece and I would act like I was fast asleep. When I finally "woke up" Dominic was laughing and said,"I got you. That is the funniest video ever HA!"
This is what I woke up to:
Hot, I know! Mornings are not good to me!

The culprit of the hair....

and the culprit for the dark circles.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To the park we go to swing, swing, and swing.

Lately we have been going to the park with our friends and enjoying the changing weather. We've got some great parks in every direction. We love our little town, Springville.

She looks a little uncomfortable here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Libre

So yesterday I asked Scott to go put some socks on the baby, because it was a little chilly. He came out with the baby laughing. I looked at Charlotte and her socks were up to her knees so I told him we should complete the look...our little wrestler.

I wonder what she was thinking at that moment? You tell me.