Friday, June 25, 2010

Bathing Beauty!

My Cute baby enjoying the summer!

Five years with my best friend

June 11th we celebrated our five year anniversary! These past five years have flown by and we have had a blast enjoy the great moments together. I'm grateful to be married to my best friend, who understands me (well most days). We spent our anniversary between Salt Lake and Park City. We were planning on a fun trip somewhere different this year, but with me being pregnant and a trip to St. Louis that weren't planning on we decided to keep it local. We still had a great time walking around in Salt Lake and enjoying new places in the rain. It seems it always rains on our anniversary. I guess to remind us of our wedding day, which it poured off and on all day. Despite the rain, Scott and I made the best of the situation. We found this cool antique store in Salt Lake. I wanted so many pieces for my home, but then I remember that we are getting rid of things to make room for the new little one. I can't wait to have a home!

One great perk was that Scott recieved a free night stay at the Grand American Hotel from work. We love freebies!

I love this guy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Notes from a woman at 32 weeks!

So I'm feeling a little guilty at the moment. I posted so much about Charlotte before she was born, and with kid number TWO I've done little to nothing for on him. I just wanted to write how excited Scott and I are to bring a new little person into our home. I will say that I'm nervous as all get out in having TWO KIDS and that the second one is a BOY. I don't know much about having little boys around. I watch them everywhere I go and all they do is RUN. Ahhh! I know this little guy is busy one, so much different than Charlotte was in the womb. As nervous as I'm about raising a little boy, I'm truly excited to have a SON. To see who he looks like, to smell the new baby smell again, to cuddle with him, and well just to see how different boys and girls really are. It will be interesting to see how Charlotte adjusts to having a brother. We talk about him everyday, and she has felt him move a couple times. I know she really has no idea what is going on, but it's so cute to hear her talk about her brother.
I only have two more months to go, which is crazy. This pregnancy has gone super fast. I feel a little more prepared for this one. Mainly because I've done it before. I have his clothes already in his dresser, okay so that's All I can think of right at the moment, but for me that is amazing. We bought a pack n' play for this little guy to put in our room for the first few weeks. I wanted to get a bassinet, but after doing my research I just felt like it was a better investment. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it has exactly what I needed it to have...a bassinet and it's portable.
Their are a couple of things I would like have done before the baby comes. First, Charlotte's kitchen. I started on a play kitchen for her, but then April was a blur and it's still sitting in my kitchen. If you have a jig saw, call me! Second a yard sale, which we are doing this Saturday. I've be going around the house and purging. My friend Melissa would be so proud of me. I getting rid of the big blue chair in Charlotte's room. It's not the prettiest chair, but it's comfortable. I love this chair and have fought for it a couple times and won, but this time I just don't know where we are gong to keep it. I love reading to Charlotte in it and it was great when I was nursing, but I won't be able to fit two kids in the room with it. SAD! And third really isn't that big of a deal just get my house in order! Hahaha! It really won't take to long to pick up and clean everything in my house. The only thing is that I have no energy, but it will get done.

Well there's what going through my head this morning.